Richard Devine And I Again 

So here I go again!

I love his grooves and I just found another one today. Randale.

Everything here is of Richard's making. I add just the piano. There's no other piano in the track so you can separate me from the rest.

The first time I did this I gave some disclaimer about "collaboration without consent". You might refer to that in an earlier post if you care.

This cut is just me wanting to add piano over the top of this established artist's already finished piece of music.

For the person that expressed the desire to hear piano over this piece on YouTube, this is partly for you. I got the idea before though, and reading the comment might have expedited the process! So, just a few hours after discovering this piece, here's me adding piano.

Again, thank you Richard. I hope if you find this it's of no offense.

Everyone, please enjoy.

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