Album Takes Shape

A week ago today (and pretty much around this time of day) I was finishing up the piano tracks for my upcoming CD. It felt great to have created enough original songs to complete the project. I was able to let out a sigh of relief and go to the next phase.

Then a stroke of great luck came. Will Ackerman was able to get his long time collaborator, and supreme cellist Eugene Friesen to come in last minute for the afternoon! This was perfect as I wanted cello to be the predominant complimentary instrument to the piano on this CD. He did three songs, and while Will, Tom and I directed him through the pieces, the sound of a really expressive cellist in my music for the first time ever made me well up with tears of joy.

What a satisfying trip up to Vermont last week. There are some English horn and probably percussion tracks to be added and it will be time for mixing and mastering. I'm hoping to have the CD ready to go in a few months.

Everything is moving nicely with this project and I'm looking forward to filling you in on it as it unfolds.

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