Twenty Five Days Ago

Twenty five days ago is what I just saw re-reading my last blog entry. I had to revisit the last five entries to remind myself what I said. Oh, the magic of blogs, and this very rewarding aspect of them - after almost 400 entries it's quite the chronicle now.

I'm struck at how receptive I was to an impending major change coming, and being able to articulate it. I was absolutely right.

Not only has a conceptual shift been made by me to make my piano music more accessible, I'm making a dramatic shift in how it gets marketed and delivered.

It's in the very beginning stages of development so there's not much to share yet, but this next recording of mine (to be recorded 7 weeks from today) will be at the highest industry standards for recording and production. I will hand over niche targeting and marketing to the pro's, so I can really make the music I want to share.

This is a big deal and a huge opportunity for me to "breakout" in a big way. Now I must go, to work on the music you want to hear.

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