Grateful Mastered

The name for my upcoming CD is "Grateful". And it has been mixed and mastered by Tom Eaton. It Sounds Great!

And grateful I am for everyone and everything involved with: the project, my life at this time, and the path my career has taken while here in New York City.

A special amount of gratitude goes out to my wife (Sheryl) and my parents (Mitch and Elaine) for continuous support, of which this journey would not have been possible.

Learning to enjoy "the process" so much more in life is like a gift, one I gave myself permission to receive. It's really gratifying to enjoy "the now". Even though there's probably more to get excited about with this stage of my career as a pianist, I'm patiently enjoying the ride as it's moving me along, whether I worry about what's way up ahead or not.

I have a vision, and a team forming around me, to help facilitate this dream I've had for a LONG time. It's so easy to get too excited! Must take a deep breath.....ahh....

Grateful. I think it sums it up in one word.

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