Almost Time

The almost two years of exploring is leading me somewhere. It's almost time.

Musically (really what all this pertains to), I've been looking for a place to hang my hat, and get into that world. There's been a lot of browsing so some targeted planning is in order. Of course it will also just be part of a bigger journey that will take me somewhere else, and move me on again.

All the while I've been enjoying the process more than any other time in my career. Being in "the now" while difficult for me, is the antidote to depression about the past, and anxiety of the future.

I'm so ready to take on a plan that includes all my musical energy - playing, composing, and performing - (and here comes the hard part) in a particular niche or category that is already established, and I can find my place in.

A calmness has come (aging helps!). It's Almost Time.

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