Close Key

I've got a new video ready today. The idea comes from a new macro lens I bought for my iPhone camera. I can do some pretty cool close-ups now.

The concept for the video and the piano music really came…Read more


I was craving "alone" time again. No, not yesterday, when I pulled a no-show on this blog (I was out doing things and shooting video that I can't use). The alone time was a few minutes ago, when I wanted…Read more

Fall Walk

The title looks like an oxymoron. I could have named it Autumn Walk. Now you know what it is.

In my quest to get better at making videos, this one illustrates a need to to shoot my still photos while…Read more

Grand Central Ceiling

Alright, the video juices are flowing a bit here. I took this footage last week and finally figured out what I could do with it.

It's easy for me to think "church" with an image like this. The blue/green color…Read more

To V or Not To V

Video, video, video. I ended a blog post recently with that. Here's my dilemma - I don't know if I can create videos here on a regular basis. This means I should look for something else to post that can…Read more

Back To The Future

I just had a delightful discovery yesterday. I found a new instrument that works perfectly with my past performance of a set of improvisations while watching some Bach pieces. Wow, a mouthful there. I have a recording of a performance…Read more


Cool date today! I guess one habit that'll be hard to change is making blog entris in the morning. I love the morning so I may still need to post something by 9am.

So I've been talking about the changes…Read more

To Another Level

It's Monday and I'm used to starting another week fresh, recording a minute long piano improvisation for this blog.

Habits - they're strong! No, I've got a new focus now. I'm thinking about where to shoot some video so I…Read more


Sorry for being absent yesterday. I spent most of the day shooting and editing video, and getting the right sound for my first self-made video with piano soundtrack.

I spoke before in a previous post of the steep learning curve…Read more

Prayer / Promo

The new chapter starts here. Everything is working out well so far. Because I haven't shot video yet, I used some promo pictures that Nan Melville took of me at Juilliard that turned out really nice, and made a slide…Read more


Well here it is, the last in a long line of minute long piano improvisations. Will there not be any more short improvised pieces here again? No.

Confused? Let me clarify - there will undoubtedly be other short impovs that…Read more


Alright, now we're getting somewhere! New piano today, the almost 100 year old German Steinway came through the cable line yesterday and got assembled here and is making its online debut this morning.

Even though this instrument has a bit…Read more