From Nothing

My entries here have dwindled to a very slow trickle.

I'm preparing for the most meaningful solo piano recording session I've ever done.

In the past I would put so much effort into what I thought I needed to do. I would rack my brain, stress, drive myself nuts hoping I was doing the right thing. This behavior caused me to come up short (basically over-preparing for what's not needed, and not letting myself just be me) with a few of the biggest side-man jobs ever offered me. Okay, now it's my songs, my direction, my gig!... No, it's still a bunch of noise that won't help. Over-preparing the right stuff doesn't work either.

This time will be different. It just has to be. I want to create completely new music - from nothing.

I'll spend one day in a rural area I've never been to, with a producer and engineer I've never worked with, and a piano I've never seen. There's one goal - let's make some magic. How do you prepare for that? What will they want from me, suggest to me, blah blah blah...... All noise in my head.

I'll bring my fingers, ears, awareness, curiosity, openness, and gratitude that I have this day,...... to create magic..... from nothing.

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