Almost Time

The almost two years of exploring is leading me somewhere. It's almost time.

Musically (really what all this pertains to), I've been looking for a place to hang my hat, and get into that world. There's been a lot of…Read more


This is Space Time.

The space between creative ideas forming.

A vacuum devoid of inspired notes, words, or images.

Not to be scared or worried. It needs to happen - to leave room for what's next.

If I think about…Read more

Time To Eat

Dang. I couldn't get the video of "cool cat" done today. Now it's time to shut down for a few days and eat!

I've got to get busy with domestic stuff so I can relax and (yes, again) eat.

Have…Read more

Stuff - ing Around

I'm doing "stuff" today. Stuff-ing around I'll call it as it's TG eve - eve.

Grocery shopping, go to the gym, do some cleaning, just shot video of my "cool cat" - hope to have the video for tomorrow, tune-smithing…Read more

Pan In

As intimated yesterday, a new video is up here again today. Pan In.

I really wanted to get in to the video making process as a springboard for my piano pieces. I also wanted to get two or three made…Read more

Close Key

I've got a new video ready today. The idea comes from a new macro lens I bought for my iPhone camera. I can do some pretty cool close-ups now.

The concept for the video and the piano music really came…Read more


I was craving "alone" time again. No, not yesterday, when I pulled a no-show on this blog (I was out doing things and shooting video that I can't use). The alone time was a few minutes ago, when I wanted…Read more

Fall Walk

The title looks like an oxymoron. I could have named it Autumn Walk. Now you know what it is.

In my quest to get better at making videos, this one illustrates a need to to shoot my still photos while…Read more

Grand Central Ceiling

Alright, the video juices are flowing a bit here. I took this footage last week and finally figured out what I could do with it.

It's easy for me to think "church" with an image like this. The blue/green color…Read more

Slow Ripples

Sorry for being absent yesterday. I spent most of the day shooting and editing video, and getting the right sound for my first self-made video with piano soundtrack.

I spoke before in a previous post of the steep learning curve…Read more

Prayer / Promo

The new chapter starts here. Everything is working out well so far. Because I haven't shot video yet, I used some promo pictures that Nan Melville took of me at Juilliard that turned out really nice, and made a slide…Read more

Capriol Suite #V 

 This is a sublime piece written for strings (the Capriol Suite #V. Pied-en-L'air by Peter Worlock). Ever since I first heard it I wanted to play it on the piano. I carefully transcribed it to work with piano, but to…Read more