Richard And I 

Richard Devine is a very successful electronic musician, sound designer, producer and much more. He's part of a genre of music that's instrumental, grooving, electronic, with constantly changing rhythms, etcetera.

Two things really strike me about the music: 1) the…Read more

The New CD Has Been Mixed

I had a really nice time up in Newburyport, Mass. last week being present for the mixing of my upcoming CD. Tom Eaton was stellar at adding light percussion and getting a gorgeous blend and overall sound. It was a…Read more

Winter Update

My contemporary classical/new age piano record is moving along slowly but surely.

I just deleted my last blog entry, made just days ago. I haven't done that before but I thought it appropriate in this case as I posted a…Read more

Chamber Trio

An actual chamber music trio (real instruments) of piano, cello, and english horn has been recorded on two of the songs on my up and coming CD.

What a great sound! I've been waiting to hear something like this on…Read more

Album / Business

Now that my writing, arranging, and performing of the music for the album is done, it's time to take care of business.

Right now, I'm looking over so many technical and legal items it's mind boggling. Books, random chapters printed…

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Album Takes Shape

A week ago today (and pretty much around this time of day) I was finishing up the piano tracks for my upcoming CD. It felt great to have created enough original songs to complete the project. I was able to…Read more

Last Turn to the Homestretch

Just over a week ago I finished another day of recording for my next CD. It went well, and yes, it provided me with the perspective to see the straightaway to the finish line.

Four weeks from today I will…Read more

Recording Piano Tracks

The last six months has been really great. I've embarked on a whole new project that is exciting, and has the possibility to take me above and beyond any place I've ever been with my solo piano music, and music…Read more

From Nothing

My entries here have dwindled to a very slow trickle.

I'm preparing for the most meaningful solo piano recording session I've ever done.

In the past I would put so much effort into what I thought I needed to do…Read more

Twenty Five Days Ago

"Twenty five days ago" is what I just saw re-reading my last blog entry. I had to revisit the last five entries to remind myself what I said.

I'm struck at how receptive I was to an impending major change…Read more

Coming Home

I'm coming home in two ways right now. Flying to my home town to be with my family for a few days is one.

I'm so glad, and really satisfied with my decision to let myself go totally free in…Read more

New Sage

What does the title of this blog post mean? I'm trying to think up a term for the next phase of my career. I love playing with words, making word games, and completely throwing different words or phrases around, usually…Read more