Back To My Roots

My wife Sheryl and I have been living back in San Francisco for about a month now. We move into our home in a few weeks to start a new chapter back in the city where we met and lived together for over a decade. It feels really nice to be back. It was a fantastic five and a half years in Manhattan, and as my wife likes to say - we haven't lost a city, we've actually added one that will always be one of our homes. San Francisco, Portland, New York, Amsterdam, Paris, and Barcelona have all been homes to us, and it's an impressive list if I say so myself!

For me, coming back to the Bay Area, and spending more time in Portland Oregon is a double whammy homecoming. It's been great reconnecting with longtime friends and bandmates. As noted in my last post, I did some performances with Al-Andalus. I've also done a number of shows with the Curtis Salgado Band. Curtis and I go way back, and I'm so impressed with the amount of energy and raw soul this guy puts out every night, I had to get back in that mix and be a part of it again. More to come for sure.

I want to say a big Thank You to all who have downloaded, streamed, and purchased the physical CD "Gratitude". Along with three of the pieces on the recording currently in regular rotation on SiriusXM Spa radio, I'm getting some great validation and some payback for almost three years of hard work on this challenging album project.

Actually, this is more like it:    Thank You!

I have a brand new project starting in a few days. I'll have more to say about that in the next blog entry. Until then, everyone take care and LOVE to you all.

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