Slow Ripples

Sorry for being absent yesterday. I spent most of the day shooting and editing video, and getting the right sound for my first self-made video with piano soundtrack.

I spoke before in a previous post of the steep learning curve to get videos going here, and yesterday and earlier today I was engulfed in that process. This first one turned out to be an interesting assignment - a water scene from The Pond in Central Park, using a fair amount of special effects in my video program to get a slow, wavy image. Then it took some time to get the sound of the piano and the piece itself the way I imagined it. I got close enough.

I'm going to work very hard to get a real symbiotic relationship between the visuals and the soundtrack. I'm especially keen to syncronizing the timing of the two in even subtle ways to achieve an integrated whole. This can get tedious, so I'll have to balance that with getting the videos out in a timely manner. At this point I'm hoping to make and post two to three of these a week, and make text entries on the days inbetween.

My description of this video on YouTube is basically "water and piano". I like that - it sort of says it all. Here it is.

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