Richard And I

Richard Devine is a very successful electronic musician, sound designer, producer and much more. He's part of a genre of music that's instrumental, grooving, electronic, with constantly changing rhythms, etcetera.

Two things really strike me about the music: 1) the ever-changing drums and percussion produce a quality that sounds like jazz to me because it's evolving relentlessly, moving forward; 2) As an improviser this music is really appealing to want to play over. Accompanying the grooving beat is mostly a pad of sounds that can be very minimal at times, so it's inviting to want to super-impose a layer above with solo or melodic material. The trick is adding to it but not too much!

Well, I stumbled on this smooth jazz kind of tune of Richard's the other day, and it really had the room to add piano. So much so, I created an intro and outro of solo piano, and had lot's of space to solo and riff over his groove throughout the body of the tune.

This kind of digital "collaboration" and many other possibilities for such "consensual or not" collaboration raise issues with permissions to expose these materials. Richard doesn't know I've done this (I'm curious to know what he thinks and may pursue that) so I won't "put this out there on the web" and just have it here for now.

Disclaimer: This is a fun little side project and there may be more as it was a blast to have such a great track to play with here - Thank You Richard Devine

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