Coming Home

I'm coming home in two ways right now. Flying to my home town to be with my family for a few days is one.

I'm so glad, and really satisfied with my decision to let myself go totally free in the last year and a half - a very importand step in an artists development, and a blessing to have the support to make it possible. My Clazzimprov albums Volumes 1 & 2, along with Piano Compositions and Improvisations, and all of the 300 plus minute-long MBLOG entries here over the last year, were recorded under unconstrained restrictions on rhythm, tonality, form, etc. This, I thought, was the Holy Grail of "artistry".

The second way I'm coming home is artistically - with my music.Like everything else in life, change is inevitable. So, I enjoyed flying out to Pluto [figuratively] (why not? Because I can and I'm curious), but watch out for what you ask for! Indulging in my personal brand of freedom turned lonely, and why shouldn't it? I wasn't connecting with listeners, I wasn't even trying. After all, I wanted to create for ME, and surely there are some people that can relate to it and want it, right? (I grow weary trying to find them).I realised recently that I wanted to swing around Pluto and shoot back in the direction of earth where there are more people to interact with.

It's funny how I have thought of so many things in life as either / or. A creative musician can get so hung-up on NOT wanting to "go commercial". Recently I've found a place with my piano playing where I can create what I want (real challenging music for me at this point) and appeal to more people.

I do want to reach an audience, touch them, connect my art with many people. I can confidently say my next project will be more accessible, to more listeners, than I have ever composed before.

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