New Sage

What does the title of this blog post mean? I'm trying to think up a term for the next phase of my career.I love playing with words, making word games, and completely throwing different words or phrases around, usually to brand something as concisely as I can.

Between now and January I'm going to work on what it takes to hit the ground running to start the new year. There's a new focus emerging that will bring my music to a more accessible listening place. After many years of creating "art music" for my self-indulgent pleasure, and realizing how difficult it is to connect it with people who don't share my specific message, I want to make music that is intended to reach out to a larger group of listeners.

There's a very established category of music that has a contriversial name, especially by some of it's own artists. If I do decide to throw my hat into this marketers' named "genre", I too will want a better name for the fruits of my labor.

I like the title of this blog post. At least it's a start.

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