Every Day

Every Day? Not of late.

I was prolific with the every day minute long tunes - for a year. I've pushed out video concepts (shorts) with thoughtful piano tracks as much as I can for the last month. Now I'm in a challenging phase for me. It feels like a major transition is coming soon, and again I don't know what it's going to be. I'm learning to ride a roller-coaster ride through this multi-year career developmental time period.

I can't really open the flood-gates and type it all down here, it would be a tome, with all that's going through my head and being processed. I probably haven't said much of late, but my primary focus the last year and a half has been to market my music online, here on my website. This blog has been a side-project for the most part. I want a balance between playing the piano, recording, writing music, blogging, and online research. Performing is something I want to get back into and have been putting more energy into it.

At least for the next month I'll be doing some holiday travel so things could be sparse in the blog entry category. Truth in advertising might force me to change the "every day" part of the mission statement. I'll work on preventing that.

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